Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Substance: Oxymetholone
Package: 50 mg / tab. (50 tab.)


General information on Anapolin 50 in Italy

Oxymetholone or Anapolon does not provide a quality muscle growth rate, but the amount of growth you want while off-season. Anapolon Oxymetholone lubricates the joints as water is collected, which is not a factor of small significantly greater resistance and facilitates training for athletes suffering from joint diseases. The higher weight categories weights pray to Oxymetholone or Anapolon. Thanks to the discipline in the diet and the simultaneous use of Tamoxifen and the accumulation of Provimed water can be minimized, while having a significant increase in muscle mass. Thanks to the athlete Anapolon teaches the unique pump effect in the active group of muscles. A significant increase in blood volume is seen in the body and leads to increased blood flow to the muscles during training.

Characteristics Anapolin 50 in Italy

Oxymetholone or Anapolon steroid increases the amount of erythrocytes in the blood, and from the muscles of oxygen better. The strength and effectiveness of the muscles are increased. Even after a number of sets an athlete has a good level of power. Some athletes speak of an exaggerated and even painful pump effect and that during training, even after completing a certain number of groups to work on a separate group of muscles, it is immediately transferred to the other muscle group. Often called the pump effect it gives the athlete the fantastic feeling of satisfaction. The strong androgenic effect of Oxymetholone contributes very high body regeneration and, therefore, the training over- while the use of the composition possible. Often, after an athletes intensive training he has a feeling that he will take a few more hours into consideration that athletes train 6-7 times a week. The athlete visually sees his progress.

Effects of taking Anapolin 50 in Italy

Although Anapolon is not steroid preparation for games, it helps maintain muscle mass while dieting and provide intense training like no other preparation. Many athletes use until the last week before his matches and the problems of water accumulation to solve them through the use of anti-estrogens and dehydrators and thanks to this they come en masse and slabsided to the scene. As for the dosage, opinions differ here. The reasonable size for the athlete is between 1 mg per 1 kg of mass per day. This means 1-4 tablets (50-200 mg) per day. Doses higher than 4 tablets should not be used in any case, because we believe that even 3 tablets is already the maximum daily dose.

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Those who want to start preparing, should start with just 50 mg tablets per day. After a few better days after a week, the daily dose can only be increased twice in the morning and in the evening during meals. Athletes who demanded most of the weight over 100 kg, the dose of 150 mg per day in the third week. However, this amount cannot be applied for more than two to three weeks due to the rapid saturation of the receptors. In general, the preparation should not use more than 8 weeks. huge mass growth often appear during Anapolon evaporates rapidly. Therefore, there are two ways: by increasing the dosage to be avoided with the athlete due to the increased risk of side effects, or rather, using a different composition. Anapolon cycle. Those who use Oxymetholone for 5-8 weeks, can add 10kg of mass. This is a good prediction for any athlete; This can serve as a signal for cessation of use of the preparation. It is true that when the use of Oxymetholone is near the end, the steroid cycle continues with the use of other preparations, otherwise, as is often observed, most of the enhancements will be slackened in the shortest possible time. No other anabolic / androgenic steroid effects a drastic mass so fast and decrease power. A famous weightlifter said one day: If you pee three times later you stop using the preparation, you 5kg less and you squeeze 10kg of the bank less. This is why far-looking athletes stay on the course for a few weeks with the injection of testosterone such as testosterone or Sustenstrasse Amed Enathate. For muscle mass growth and strength, athletes often combine Anapolon D with nandrolone and testosterone. One of the most effective combinations rated by the companies is 100mg per day and 152-228mg Anapolon “Parabolan” weekly and “Sust Amed” 500mg dose per week. This combination takes muscle mass and strength like no other.

Interaction with other drugs in Italy

Anapolon side effects. Oxymetholone is not a steroid to begin with, and can only be inserted when the athlete has a certain level of progress and, even if he has some experience of lighter steroid preparations. Anapolon is unfortunately also a more harmful oral steroid which causes many side effects. Since the alkylate (17 a) is toxic to the liver. In the beginning, it appears that there is liver dysfunction, but later, especially during the long and high dosage of the finishing composition with liver damage. The first signs of potential liver damage should be yellow in the hand and eyes and also yellowing of the skin. Anapolon is the only steroid that is suspected in appearance of liver cancer. The active chemical substance of oxymetholone is easily converted into estrogen, which is why feminization cases are often also the accumulation of water in the body, which requires antiestrogens (for example, Tamoximed and Provimed). The large accumulation of water can also lead to a person with increased blood pressure in the blood vein. There may also be side effects such as headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, sleepiness and diarrhea displayed. The athlete may have the feeling of general illness in contrast to the preparation of DANABOL which is preparing a good emotional disposition. There is often a paradoxical situation: the athlete becomes stronger and more solid on one side and one sees not feeling well on the other side. The increased aggression finds the place of high androgen when injected large quantities of testosterone. Oxymetholone is not suitable for older athletes because they are more prone to various side effects. They are also more likely to damage liver and prostate cancer. In combination with the usual – lowering diet high in calories for muscle mass and, unfortunately, often rich in protein can lead to an increase in blood cholesterol, LDL and HDL coefficient coefficient of increase. Testosterone production decreased significantly since Oxymetholone has an inhibitory effect on the hypothalamus of the brain which decreases the secretion of gonadotropin completely. Consequently, there is a need for the use of preparations that stimulate the secretion of testosterone such as HCG, to maintain the level of the hormone in the testicles. At the beginning the use of Anapolon, some athletes to a strong increase in sexual interest that decreases after a few weeks. Females are not recommended to use Oxymetholone because it causes a strong and partly irreversible cases of masculinization such as acne, clitoridauxe, lowering of the voice, increased hair growth on the legs, face, increased libido, head hair and antisocial behaviors. Anapolon Anadrol is simply too strong for the female body. But even if these facts, some female members of national and international competitions use preparation and good results to achieve this goal. Women who do not want Oxymetholone that incredible results, but also be prepared to reduce its all the side effects that come from the androgenic nature it gives to refuse, can accurately start using it from 25 mg daily dose. Use with a 2-4 day and 2-4 day rest schedule and to be combined with a series of soft and above all anabolic steroid injections such as Primobol. As a result of a number of possible harmful measures (Oxymetholone) periodic monitoring of the liver is required. Some patients have iron deficiency in the blood. In this case, constant monitoring of the blood composition for the presence of iron is recommended. In the extremely absence this element should be used with caution in patients who have heart, liver and kidney diseases. When edema treatments are combined with the use of diuretics or other manual therapy. In case of hypercalcaemia, treatment should be stopped. Anabolic steroids can alter blood sugar. This is why diabetic sick athletes should be closely monitored by the doctor. Those with prostatic hypertrophy diseases should be treated very carefully. The drug could change the balance of cholesterol in the body: it must be used with caution in patients with sexually transmitted diseases, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease. The therapy must match the cholesterol balance. In very rare cases, prolonged use of the product can cause severe liver damage and could theoretically lead to the death of the patient which is fundamentally very unlikely. There is a suspicion that the long-term treatment involves the use of this preparation including liver cancer, leukemia, masculinization in women, causing liver perozis. This drug contains lactose. Cases of intolerance in children and adolescents. insignificant presence of lactose is probably not the reason for this intolerance. In case of diarrhea, it is necessary to contact the family doctor.


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