Pharma Bold 300

Pharma Bold 300


Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate
Package: 300mg / ml (10ml)


General information on Boldoject 200 in Italy

BoldoJect has very mild side effects. The chemical structure of boldenone allows it to be converted into estrogen, but in general, this drug does not possess a strong ability to do so. According to the research process aroma conversion rate of boldenone in two times less than that of testosterone. fluid retention is slightly more pronounced with Nandrodzhekta, but at the same time it is much less pronounced than with testosterone. In applying the drug in the moderate development of estrogenic side effects are minimal, although it can occur. The development of gynecomastia is possible only in very rare cases in predisposed individuals, as well as those who use high doses of the drug. In the case of negative estrogenic drugs, drugs such as, for example, Nolvadex must also apply. Strong anti-aromatic agents such as Arimidex, Femara or Amonazin hardly need to apply with a soft drug such as Boldodzhekt 200.

Features Boldoject 200 in Italy

Application BoldoJect can also cause some androgenic side effects: oily skin, acne, aggression, baldness. But usually the manifestation of these effects associated with high doses of the drug. This preparation is suitable for women, virilization symptoms – a rare occurrence when using the drug in low doses. Boldenone reduces to a more potent androgen (digidroboldenon) enzyme 5-alpha reductase (which reduces testosterone to DHT). However, boldenones ability for this type of interaction in the human body is negligible. Therefore, when applying BoldoJect no need to additionally take Proscar because it will block the already slight decay of the steroid processes. Despite the fact that Boldodzhekt is rather soft, it still has a suppressive effect on endogenous testosterone production, so important is the appointment of adequate therapy (HCG, Clomid / Nolvadex) at the end of a cycle to avoid hormonal collapse. It is recommended to start postkursovuyu therapy no earlier than three weeks after applying Boldodzhekta, otherwise postkursovye drugs are not effective enough.

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it is recommended to inject the drug at least once a week to maintain stable levels of boldenone in the blood. The usual dosage for men is 400-600 mg per week for women – 50-150 mg per week. Cycles, dosage and combination with other drugs – all this can be found on the Equipoise site.


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