Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Sustanon 250
Package: 250mg / amp. (10 amp.)


Mixbol (Testosterone blend) – XBS LabsВ in Italy The composition of this formulation includes 4 types of testosterone. The drug is very popular in the fact that he is able to increase endurance, reduce the time it takes to restore nutrition, strengthen the body, improve sexual health, ensure a good appetite, increase muscle mass, increase strength indicators . Promotes muscle definition. Indicated for those who want to gain muscle mass, strength and body weight in its set. The effect also translates into an increase in nitrogen concentration, and increasing efficiency in sports. Active agents on the metabolism of proteins in the body, an easy injectable steroid. Promotes nitrogen balance, restores changes in proteins. It can affect increased protein digestion in the athletes body. The functions that give protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and increase glycogenolysis reserves. Of course testosterone and the dose in Italy Do not take the drug for pregnant women, babies and young mothers up to 18 years. Just before conception. The drug is administered once in 3.5 days, while a dose of 250 to 750 mg (1-3 ml) of the drug for 7 days. The dose depends on the athletes weight, weight, height, achieving the desired results and health. If the body reacts normally to the drug, from the second week, the dose can be increased. To determine the right dose for you, refer to the medicine and read the instructions carefully. Do not bend the dose, use with other anabolic steroids, which do not react, do not exceed the duration of the course. The same can not be taken in individual sensitivity to the drug and contraindications. View testosteroneВ in Italy Judging by the critics argue that the drug is very high quality and effective. It is ideal for all classes of athletes, from beginners to professionals. It is fine when taken with other medications. It allows you to gain muscle mass quickly. simultaneous administration of other drugs is necessary, as the effect does not persist after the course. Muscles dry up and have noticed the absence of side effects in Italy. Suitable for a complex course with other antiestrogenic agents, if used correctly, it does not promote the onset of side effects. Only in case of overdose. It does not cause effects such as rashes and acne, as fluid in the body does not lag behind. Testosterone side effects in Italy In most cases, no side effects are observed, but they are not subject to these rules, or from taking the drug for more than 2 months, both men and women may appear a number of side effects. These include: hair loss, growth of hair on the face and body, aggression, increased hostility, gastrointestinal disorders (vomiting, abdominal pain, swelling). Only this toxic effect on the liver, kidneys and the cardiovascular system. It can cause skin rashes, acne in the body (in case of overdose). Pain when urinating, yellow urine, increased fat levels in the body. Hypertension, fever, insomnia, sleep disturbances. Cycles, dosage and combination with other drugs – all this can be found on the Sustanon 250 site.


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